Visa to enter the Russian Federation as asylum seekers

We are pleased to inform you that the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in Malta has resumed its operation. Please schedule an appointment for your visit here. 

Visas to enter the Russian Federation as asylum seeker are issued to foreign citizens on the basis of a decision of a local office of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia (MVD of Russia) on the recognition of this foreign citizen as a refugee in the territory of the Russian Federation.

This visa is given for the period up to 3 months only for a single entry.

 List of required documents

1. A written decision (original) of the MVD of Russia;

2. Travel passport (original). The passport must contain at least 2 blank visa pages and must be valid 6 months after the last day of the required visa validity;

3. Visa application form printed and signed personally by the applicant;

4. 1 recent passport photo. The photo must be glued (not stapled!) on the visa application form;

5. Original and copy of a valid Maltese permanent residence permit (not required if the applicant is a citizen of the EU).Начало формы


General rules

1. The Consular section is authorized to give visas only for the Russian Federation.

2. The Consular section does not accept any visa documents sent by post and never sends passports with visas by post.

3. The visa application is to be introduced not later than 8 calendar days and not earlier than 3 months before the trip to the Russian Federation.

4. All payments in the Consular section must be done only in cashBank cards and other means of payment are not accepted.

5. The fee paid for a visa is not refundable.

6. When obtaining a passport with a visa, we recommend that you carefully check the personal data specified in the visa.

7. The law of the Russian Federation empowers the Consular section to refuse to issue any visa without explaining the reasons of the refusal.

8. Before you read the information about the required documents we recommend you to first make an appointment.

9. VERY IMPORTANT ! The visa procedure that is underway in the Russian consulate may be cancelled (stopped) by the applicant. For that the candidate for a visa has to apply with a written statement to the Consular section. All paid fees in that case are not refundable. The passport without a visa will be returned to its holder not earlier than after 2-3 working days