Consular Registration of Children – Russian Citizens – Adopted by Foreign Nationals or Apatrides


Upon bringing an adopted child to Malta, please do not forget to register him/her with the Consular Section.

In order for an adopted child to be registered, the adoptive parent must submit to the Consular Section an application for the registration of the adopted child (Registration form), attaching 2 photographs of the child, the Adoption Certificate and documents confirming the identity of the adoptive parents and the child (child’s Birth Certificate, the Court Decision on the adoption, original of the child’s Russian passport, photocopies of the front pages of the adoptive parents’ passports).

If the adoptive parents intend to move to another residence, they must in good time inform the Consular Section and re-register the child's new place of residence with the Consular Section.

Passport renewal for adopted Russian children

Following the law requirements adopted Russian child should be registered with the Consular Section and his/her adoptive parents should renew his/her Russian passport prior to the expiration of the old passport.

The passport renewal procedure is as follows:

One of the adoptive parents should complete the passport application form at the Consular Section.

When visiting the Consular Section the adoptive parent should bring the following documents:

  • 6 passport size child’s photographs and 2 applicant’s photographs;
  • Copy and original of the child’s Birth Certificate;
  • Copy and original of the Adoption Certificate (not necessary if the child is already registered with the Consular Section);
  • Copy and original of the Court Decision (not necessary if the child is already registered with the Consular Section);
  • Copy and original of the child’s Russian passport (personal data page);
  • Copies and originals of the adoptive parents’ passports (personal data page).

The consular fee is 10 EUR for children under the age of 14 and 30 EUR for children over 14.

In about 3-4 weeks (if the child is under 14) or in 3 months (for those over 14) a Consular official will inform the adoptive parent about the child’s passport status. For that, please, check your current address, contact phone number and e-mail address in the child’s registration form. The new passport is to be collected in person at the Consular Section during regular working hours.

Upon the passport’s collection at the Consular Section, please, be ready to present:

  • The child’s Birth Certificate in the original;
  • The child’s Russian passport;
  • Original of the adoptive parent’s passport;
  • Payment receipt.